Prayer List

Body TalkFollowing a suggestion and in an effort to communicate more clearly the prayer needs of the congregation, the office will begin to publish a detailed prayer list which will be made available to the congregation to pick up each Sunday morning. The intended use of this list is to have more details about the prayer requests that have been made and to have a concrete tool to assist members as they pray for those needs.

Wednesday evening is one of our primary interactions where the prayer list is discussed by the members in detail and updates and additions are made known. This information will be recorded and provided to the church office. Following that, anyone who would like to make an addition or update known should do so to the office by 9am Thursday morning. This updated information, as well as any new needs that arise in the latter part of the week, will be made available in written form in the foyer each Sunday morning.

Due to the dynamic nature of this task, we request 3 things:

  1. Please use your prayer list throughout the week to write any updates or notes that are made publicly in church or in your personal ministry to others.
  2. Please let the office know by phone (830)249-2685 or email as soon as you become aware of any relevant updates that need to be communicated to the entire congregation.
  3. Please assist us with your patience as we implement and refine this process to better communicate the needs of the congregation.