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A Faith Ready When Jesus Comes

When Jesus comes I want to be… …building an ark, like Noah, and preaching about a changed world. …leaving places of comfort and secure familiarity, like Abram, for lands and places that God is preparing. …wandering in God’s wilderness, feeding on His manna and meat and drinking deeply of the Spirits water and words, so […]

Don’t Grow Weary In Doing Good

Those words were written to help people that were gradually inching backward into living life by law and away from life by grace through Jesus.  So what was the big deal?  For one thing, Paul says that the law, while intended by God to be good, ended up with an aroma of death because of […]

Erasing Lines

No Lines

Jesus came into our world.  That’s an astonishing statement when you stop and reflect on it a bit.  No waiting for us to come over to his side of the street.  No signs saying, ‘Keep Out,’ unless you’re like me.  I grew up in a town that was separated (maybe I should say segregated) by […]

‘Love Feast’ Sunday

Family is fun, hard, love, exasperating, helping, crying, laughing, playing, hurtful, faithful, trying, disappointing, joyful, failing and victories.  I don’t know that I know anyone that has experienced family differently than I’ve just described.  All of this is just as true for Jesus’ faith family.  What holds family together if all these diverse experiences are […]