To bring Christ and his heart for the home to every family

Our church is committed to the vision of sharing Christ and his heart for the home with every family (in our church and community). We believe this vision fits not only with our church’s heart, but with motives running deeply within the Boerne community. Family is one of the highest motivations bringing residents to Boerne at this time.


Our mission is to develop spiritual lives rooted in Jesus Christ, enabling the message of salvation to grow and spread in Boerne and the world.

Disposition on Truth & Traditions

It’s always precarious to label a church’s relationship to brotherhood doctrine, theology and tradition. The labels “conservative” or “liberal” say both too much and too little. Our church family is what has sometimes been labeled a middle-of-the-road kind of church, a somewhat difficult path to walk at times. There is no strong agenda to be either progressive or conservative regarding, for instance, contemporary issues of worship. We aim to be faithful to our biblical calling to be the church, centered on Jesus and ministering a message of good news to everyone.